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5 Celebutard Stories for October 31, 2014

1. Hulk Hogan and Dwayne Johnson: Don’t text and exercise   photo courtesy of IMPACT MONSTER WRESTLING   Muscle-bound pals Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Hulk Hogan have a strict rule when working out together — no cellphones. (Read More) 2. Lisa Kudrow Spills That ‘Friends’ Executives Thought Monica Was Too ‘Slutty’ Apparently, in the early days of the “Friends,” network executives…

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Boner of the Day October 31, 2014

  Boner Candidate #1 – We Had to Let the Old Chap Know We We Were Serious   Seventy-five-year-old Roger Hoeppner’s owed the town of Stettin, Wisc. an outstanding fine of $80,000. Earlier this month, 24 police officers descended on his 20 acre property to collect the fine with an armored car in tow. When police arrived, Hoeppner was filing…

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Daily Boots

My gorgeous husband Joe has a nickname for me.  I got it on Date 2 of the three dates we went on before we got married.  He asked me to go to Red Butte Garden for a hike ( he obviously didn’t know me very well…).  I figured I had better purchase some proper footwear for such an excursion, so…

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Boner of the Day October 30th, 2014

Boner Candidate #1 – “Thy Wife Shall Scapegoat All Thine Actions A Kansas House candidate’s Facebook timeline a totally “not-racist” meme on his Facebook wall on October 21, which was removed once he began to generate some negative attention. Cordell Fischer, a pastor running for House District 58, showed off his love of African-Americans with the only tribute he understands: the…

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Mindy Gledhill on Radio From Hell

Mindy Gledhill was on the show today. While we talked to her Bill started watching this video. She also has a brand new tour bus that will get its own TV show. Guess what: THE TWINKIE LIVES!!! We thought we lost the transmission in the mountains of West Virginia, but it turns out that a linkage had just broken in…

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Boner of the Day October 29th, 2014

Boner Candidate #1 – I’m Defending my property A green bay man with an AR-15 was arraigned on a felony charge in his Packers jersey after he tried to “defend his property” from a dog, missing it with eight close range shots from the highly accurate rifle in broad daylight and instead peppering his neighbors’ property with hot rounds. (Read…

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RFH University Tour

SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION at Radio From Hell University Home of The Lunging Weasels With no curriculum prepared and a no respect for formal education, Radio from Hell is hitting the road and taking a tour of Utah’s finest institutes of higher learning. Starting October 2nd, Kerry, Bill, and Gina hope to inspire Utah’s youth by broadcasting the Radio…

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Billy Idol

Radio From Hell Talks With With Billy Idol About New Album

Listen to Kerry, Bill and Gina’s interview with Billy Idol, who talks about his new album “Kings & Queens of the Underground”, which is slated for release Oct. 21. Bill: So what have you been doing Kerry:Looks like hes been busy Billy Idol:A buddy if mine.. written a book in the last couple of years and an album as well…

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