Win Tickets to BOOtanical at Red Butte Gardens

Win tickets to BOOtanical at Red Butte Gardens

X96 is counting down for BOOtanical at Red Butte Gardens, October 20th through the 30th. Win your tickets all week starting Monday, October 3rd, from 6 AM-10 AM!

This October, plants from around the world are visiting the Garden to see the legendary Pollinators of Nefertiti exhibit on loan from the Museum of Fantastical Antiquities. But before their grand unveiling in the Herb Garden, the Golden Pollinators are discovered missing!

Have no fear! Sherlock Chauncey, the world’s most famous gnome detective, is on the case.

Among the suspects are a few mystical plant creatures. Was it Bagheera Bat Flower in the Enchanted Forest? Dulce Datura in the Poisonous Apothecary? Or one of the other mysterious plant guests?

Join Sherlock Chauncey as you investigate the crime scene, gather clues, uncover which plant is the thief, and maybe even rescue the Golden Pollinators.

Can you solve the mystery of this Garden whodunit?

Join us, day or night, for our annual outdoor family-friendly celebration of Halloween and find out.

Red Butte Garden is open daily in October from 9 am-5 pm. Regular daily admission at the door.

Tickets are required for BOOtanical Nights. Tickets on sale on October 3 at 9 am.

X96 will be giving away tickets to BOOtanical at Red Butte Gardens.  Between the dates of 10/3-10/7 2022 and between the hours of  6AM-10AM a code will be announced on air to be texted to 33986.  From these text entries up to 5 winners will be selected to receive 1 pair of tickets each to BOOtanical at Red Butte Gardens.  Prize value $60 and provided by Red Butte gardens.  Message and ddata rates may apply and may receive up to 2 messages per request. These rules are in addition to Broadway Media’s Contest Rules.


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