$1,300+ Won on 14-Cent March Madness Bet

A New Jersey couple is celebrating the madness after a 14-cent parlay bet came through to the tune of $1,345.78! Kevin Maselli (I wonder if he’s related to Tony Maselli or if he knows Angerler), a 29-year-old special education teacher prefers penny parlays over big-dollar bets. He wagers on intricate long shots – in this case 10,000 to 1. The collection of bets on point spreads in the NCAA tournament came through as Maselli was pacing toward the end of the Auburn-Kansas game. An email from Draft Kings confirming the spoils. Maselli says the winnings are going toward the ‘ring fund’ for his girlfriend, Leah DiNardo. She was on a hot streak and the bet was placed on her advice.

Remember, gambling is only bad if you lose.

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