What is the best Christmas gift you've ever received?

Here at X96 we have been asked to blog regularly. I have decided that I will answer one question each day and that will serve as my blog. Sometimes they will be long. Other times, I imagine they will be short. Questions can be about whatever people choose to ask me.

Today’s Question: from Melissa Goshe – What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

My Answer:

My personalized “Rick” tape that my dad got me from Allied’s $1 table (Allied was like Smith and Edwards and they used to be on at 94th south and 7th east…also I remember there being one where the Carhart Store is in Murray by Fashion Place Mall that started on fire)

This little gem of a cassette tape was the same no matter whose name they crammed into the song. My dad being the cheap and fair gentleman he was got one for each of the boys in the family so when we would listen to one of our tapes in the car everyone would sing their own name at the ill timed cramming of the name into the song.

I carried my “Rick” version of this cassette tape in my car until I drove a car that no longer had a tape player.




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1779305_10153909667715565_355395781_nMelissa Goshe is a rather opinionated but quiet Mormon tree-hugger, pro-choice & anti-abortion democrat and science-fiction-loving scientist and teacher.  A non-materialistic humble yogi, a prayerful, proud & protective mother who has overcome working 2 jobs and school at the same time, a lazy drug addicted ex, crazy alpha bosses & multiple career changes. I stand firm in my counter-culture code but don’t insist others follow it.


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