Boy Almost Dies after Swallowing Magnets to become ‘Magnetic’

A British boy hoping to harness the powers of X-Men baddie Magneto is lucky to be alive after he swallowed a stomach-full of magnetic, doctors say.

Rhiley Morrison, 12, downed 54 “magnetic balls” in hopes of magnetizing his body, according to doctors. He also told health officials he wanted to see what they looked like “when they came back out,” says his mom, 30-year-old Paige Ward.

The problem was they didn’t come back out. Morrison had to undergo a six-hour operation, after which he spent 10 days being fed through a tube, Ward says. “Rhiley is massively into science,” Ward says. “He loves experiments.”

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done to hurt yourself or make yourself sick?

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