Chicago Mayor Announces Alcohol Curfew During Crisis

Could Utah be next? Chicagoans may be able to smoke as much weed as they’d like during the coronavirus pandemic, but they’re going to have to start limiting their drinking. Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday announced a curfew on alcohol sales in the city. Beginning Thursday and continuing until the governor’s stay-at-home order has been lifted, alcohol will no longer be sold after 9 p.m. in Chicago, Lightfoot reveals. “This is not punitive, it’s protective,” Lightfoot says. “Nonetheless, as with our lakefront closure, we are putting this curfew in place because too many individuals and businesses have been violating the stay-at-home order.” Vendors caught selling alcohol past 9 p.m. could be fined, arrested or stripped of their alcohol license, Lightfoot says.

The Salt Lake Tribune brought up that some people are questioning state-run liquor stores might not actually be “essential businesses.” Most of us know better, but it’s Utah. You never know. I mean, if we sold liquor and wine in grocery stores we would have less stores open and it might be a little safer, but this is Utah. We march to the beat of our own kazoo…or eat least the kazoo of our lawmakers. Either way, be nice to liquor store employees, don’t touch things you aren’t going to buy, and maybe extend that social distancing thing from 6 to 8 or ten feet while buying your hooch.

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