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*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!


•Mod Night at The Chakra Lounge

Calling all Mods and Rockers. On Wednesday, May 3rd yours truly DJ Nix Beat will be spinning only the finest cuts of Pysch, Soul and Garage Rock at The Chakra Lounge for Mod Nite! So come out and dance the night away to these tunes.



•Libations – Wookie Cooking at The Leonardo

Because “May the 4th…” You get the idea. At this month’s Wine Libations, we’re headed to a galaxy far, far away! Join us on May 4, 2017, from 7:00-9:00p for WOOKIEE COOKING. Our chefs and sommeliers will be pairing traditional wines with food dishes from the über-popular Star Wars cooking books. The evening will feature four courses packed with intergalactic recipes and experiences.


•Murray High School Theatre Presents Macbeth

One of The Bard’s best! I think it is his best and Murray High has an interesting take: What if the imaginary dagger and the ghost of Banquo aren’t the only things Macbeth is imagining? What if all of the events of his story are just delusions created by an ill mind and ill-equipped physicians? What if Macbeth were simply a victim of his own hallucinations and the lack of good health care? And what do we do with people who don’t have the tools to take care of themselves? Where do they end up? Come see Shakespeare’s Macbeth for a new look at this classic story. Political and timely. If only Macbeth had Obamacare!



•The 1975 at The Great Saltair

Frankly, this show is so sold out not even Governor Gary Herbert is getting tickets. Good luck!


•Cinco de Mayo

Another co-opted holiday. An Amatur night will be plagued with Corona sombreros and too many tequila shots. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



•Me First and the Gimme Gimmes at The Depot

A punk band made from other punk bands that sing other people’s songs. What more could you want? Nothing. You can not want anything else. This is my super pick for the week.


•Wasatch Reptile Expo and Utah Fish and Aquatics Expo

I’m just glad there won’t be spiders? Or will there? Either way if you’re partial to that end of the animal kingdom compared to the more fluffy variety, this is where you should be.


•Free Comic Book Day

It’s pretty direct what this is. On the first Saturday in May we get free comic books. To find the participating store near you, click the “More Info” button below.


•Annual Barbershop Harmony Barbeque at Sugarhouse Park

I hope you like harmony! Come join us for our FREE annual event! There will be burgers and hot dogs, watermelon and desserts! For the show, we will have Barbershop Singing groups from all over the state performing! 


•Fisher Brewing Company/Beer Nut Brew Day

Want to make beer? THEN MAKE BEER!. Of course, once you do that, you’ll have to wear a shirt that designates you as a bar. Progress! Fisher Brewing will provide finished wort from their 10bbl Brewhouse, so it will be finished wort that has been boiled and kettle hopped. Any and all homebrewers are welcome to participate. The brewing will commence at 9:30 AM and Fisher Beer will be available at 10 AM to participating brewers. Participating homebrewers will pay $15 for 5 gallons of wort and will need to bring their own fermenting vessel. All fermentation will occur offsite and homebrewers will be responsible for procuring and pitching their own yeast, dry hops, adjuncts, etc. The wort will made to be a generic light rye pale with 65% 2 Row, 25% Rye and 10% Munich malts. The wort will be boiled for 90 minutes and hopped to approximately 30 IBUs with two Sterling hop additions. The Beer Nut will have 5-gallon bucket fermenters as well as US-05 and US-04 dry yeast available for purchase at the brewery. The Beer Nut store, located at 1200 South State Street will also be open at 10 A.M for any brewer needing additional supplies or assistance with their brew.


•Urban Flea Market at 600 S and Main in Salt Lake

One man’s junk is my…well, junk. However, occasionally there’s a lamp I can’t leave without. Who knows what you may find? The first of the year: The biggest flea market in downtown Salt Lake City is opening for the 2017 season on Sunday, May 7th! Located at 600 South Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City, the market will be open from 9a-3p and feature 100+ vendors offering the best eclectic and unique vintage and antique finds. Local crafters will provide cool handcrafted and upcycled vintage items. There will be music, local food trucks and carts grilling favorites throughout the day, along with coffee, cold beverages and snacks at our market commissary.



•Val Kilmer in Citizen Twain at Wiseguys

This is sooo fucking cool. Val Kilmer will be on hand to introduce his one-man show about the greatest American Icon. This is sold out, but I have a feeling parting with your hard-earned dollars from a scalper would be quite worth it. Maybe we’ll get a little lucky and he’ll do some Doc Holladay for us!



•Not Enough Whiskey Tour with Keifer Sutherland at Urban Lounge

Yes, that Keifer. If you like artists like Tom Waits, you’ll dig this. In 2002, Sutherland, with his music partner and best friend Jude Cole, began a small record label called Ironworks. The goal of this label was to record local musicians and distribute their music at a time when the music industry was going through a monumental shift. Some of their artists included Rocco DeLuca and the Burden, HoneyHoney and Billy Boy On Poison. In 2009, Sutherland left the label to recharge and figure out what he was going to do next. In early 2015 Sutherland played Cole two songs he had written and wanted to record as demos for other artists to record. Cole responded positively to the songs and the album grew organically from those recordings. Two songs became four and four grew into six until Cole suggested that they make a record. Their collaboration resulted in Kiefer Sutherland’s upcoming debut album: ‘Down In A Hole’.  And the rest is history…I suppose. Look at all the nightlife in Salt Lake – movie stars and music.


There’s always more on our YUGE calendar.

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