Customer Finds Message of Hope in Pizza Box

Talk about comfort food. A Domino’s customer who was having a bad mood says her whole day was turned around by an inspirational message she found written in her pizza box.

The woman, identified only as Ashley, shared her story on Reddit. “I had a bad day and asked Domino’s for a joke” to go along with her pizza, she says. After the pizza was delivered, she opened the box and was surprised to find a “the most wholesome note in the world” written on the inside of the lid. It read, “Hi Ashley, I really suck at jokes, but, I wish you have an awesome rest of the day. Good night, enjoy the pizza made for you with all the love in the world.”

I had a bad day and asked Domino’s for a joke. I got the most wholesome note instead from r/pics

While most users found the gesture touching, more than a few took a more cynical view of the note. “That sneaky Dominos guerilla marketing,” one Reddit user wrote. Another complained, “It’s literally always Domino’s on Reddit. Reddit is basically Facebook now.” And still, another took a shot at Ashley for requesting a joke. “I think it’s annoying and rude to ask service workers to do stuff like this normally, not just during a pandemic,” the user wrote. “Let them just do their job.”

Has a restaurant or store employee ever turned your day around? Do you generally say “please” and “thank you” to clerks and servers?

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