Dinosaur! Big Dinosaur!

So, this looks amazing! Imma tell you. Here’s a story. Back in 1993 my friend Shannon (yes, the beloved Mr.B. of Geekshow fame. check it out) wanted to see Jurassic Park. REAL bad. Opening day. But he wanted to see it on the biggest screen possible and in the best sound possible. This experience had to be as optimal as 1993 SLC film tech had to offer. So I searched the way I always did in those early internet days..I asked on the radio. Folks called in a directed me to a theatre (I prefer the British spelling) that had a huge, bright screen AND THX sound. Best available at the time. We went to the first showing of the opening day. As I recall we had our choice of seats, not well attended..if memory serves. We put our feet up on the seat back in front of was perfect.  Gotta tell you, it was amazing. We had seen large creatures like this portrayed in movies before, but never like this. Those things up there were as real as you could get. And when the T-Rex stuck his face in that camera and roared…Shannon instinctively yanked his feet away from the screen. This one LOOKS terrific. We shall see.


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