‘Drugs’ Seized by Cops turn out to be Girl’s Ashes

An Illinois man has filed a lawsuit against the Springfield Police Department after officers told him his daughter’s ashes tested positive for drugs during a traffic stop.

Dartavius Barnes says he was stopped in April 2020 and told officers they were welcome to search his car. After they discovered a container filled with a powdery substance, officers told Barnes it had tested positive for meth or ecstasy, surveillance video shows. “No, no, no, bro,” Barnes can be seen saying. “That’s my daughter.” The video shows the cops laughing about their mistake a short time later, with one saying he’d “pi**ed off” Barnes by “testing the dead baby ashes.”

In a lawsuit filed Friday, the 25-year-old Barnes claims the officers desecrated his daughter’s ashes by opening the urn, adding they even spilled some of her ashes onto the roadway. He;s suing for an unspecified amount.

Will this be an easy victory for Barnes? Would it have been an easy victory if the cops hadn’t laughed about it?

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