Fruity Pebble Filet Mignon Steak (Yes, For Real)

The always-outspoken celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is putting in his two cents about a TikToker who dipped a steak in an egg wash, coated it with flour and Fruity Pebbles before cooking it in an air fryer.

On his popular #RamsayReacts videos, the “MasterChef” host roasted TikTok home cook Liam Donafee for his colorful concoction.

Ramsay said, “What are you doing flouring a filet mignon, you doughnut?”

Then added, “I wanna kick your butt!”

When Ramsay saw Donafee putting his finishing touch of marshmallow sauce on the steak, the celebrity chef pretended to throw up.

Would you try this Fruity Pebble Feast? What’s a recipe you’ve thrown together as a joke or by accident that actually turned out to be good?

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