Geek News – May 21, 2015

Why The Flash Is the Best Superhero Show on TV

Throughout its first season, The Flash has sustained a level of quality that most other contemporary superhero dramas can only aspire to.

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Barry Allen Is The Flash In The 2018 DC Movie

The Flash TV show is going on well, but what about the movie? Well, according to the possible directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, they believe the DC Cinematic Universe version of the character will be Barry Allen.

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Lawrence Kasdan Says There’s a Future for Lando Calrissian in Star Wars

Lawrence Kasdan’s first produced screenplay was for The Empire Strikes Back—not a bad Hollywood baby step! Maybe even more impressively, he had already written the scripts for Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Bodyguard, which would be shot subsequent to The Empire Strikes Back.


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Under the Dome exec promises we’ll finally learn the reason for the dome in Season 3

The CBS summer series Under the Dome has been a (fairly entertaining) hot mess its first two years, but producer Neal Baer promises they’ll soon finally start doling out some answers.

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