Good Samaritan Donates 25K Baseball Cards to Girl Who Lost Collection in Wildfire

Christmas has come early for a California girl who lost her entire baseball card collection in a wildfire.

Fresno resident Reese Osterberg, 9, made local headlines when her family’s home was destroyed in September by the Creek Fire — taking her beloved baseball card collection with it. Fortunately, a San Jose resident with a baseball card collection of his own saw the story. “I had initially planned on selling my cards on eBay,” says Kevin Ashford. “But when I thought about the smile I could put on that little girl’s face, it was an easy decision. I felt compelled to donate the cards to her.”

And he did; 25,000 cards to be exact. The collection is estimated to be worth between $35,000 and $50,000. “When she told me that she used to sit with her binder of baseball cards in front of the TV watching baseball, I knew I had made the right decision,” Ashford says. “Because that’s exactly what I used to do as a kid.”

Why are some baseball cards worth so much money? What’s the biggest collection you’ve ever had?

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