Is It Safe To Host Thanksgiving Dinner During The Pandemic?

The question will come up if it hasn’t already; “What are we doing for Thanksgiving?” Because of coronavirus, people may think twice about hosting a gathering.

Infectious disease expert at Stoneybrook Children’s Hospital Sharon Nachman has given some advice on how to plan a safe get together.

She says to figure out what works best for your family as far as how many people attend, what food will be made, how you will serve it, and what happens before and after the actual meal. If can quarantine 2 weeks before to be safe, do it. If not, make sure everyone coming is extra careful so that there isn’t a COVID spreader at the table.

Nachman says try to keep the gathering small and be creative with seating arrangements so people can spread out. Most of all, keep your current best practices in place even around family and friends. Wear a mask when you aren’t eating and wash your hands frequently.

Will you be having a Thanksgiving gathering this year? Will you be screening who you invite?

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