Jon Smith’s Top 10 BAND CAMEOS In Movies!


Pretty cool scene, in what I thought was a badass movie.  There WAS going to be a followup, but the franchise found it’s way into Production Hell in 2015


ZZ TOP in Back To The Future 3

People tend to remember Huey Lewis near the opening scene of Back To The Future 1. Which is fair, because BTF3 was really a terrible movie. I mean, sure it’s part of the franchise, and get’s a little bit of a pass. But the flying choo-choo at the end, and the introduction of the McFly ancestors basicly makes this the “Phantom Menace” of the McFly timeline. But we still had a cemeo from that little big band from Texas, ZZTOP, complete with the spinny gee-tars.



GWAR in Mystery Date / Empire Records

For reasons I still have yet to figure out, I love GWAR. So the fact that they’ve been in not one, but TWO movies in the 90’s (Plus a Beavis and Butthead video game) gets them on my list. I think I only saw Mystery Date once when my Mom rented it from Blockbuster. Maybe I’ll go back and watch that one again.



Not a fan of Death Metal, but Jim Carrey did the world a huge service by being the first man in history to lambada to Cannibal Corpse.


TWISTED SISTER – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

I think it goes without saying that this is one of the greatest movie scnese of all time.  Shut up, yes it is.



This movie has really not held up all that well.. Plus, does it count it there’s only one remaining band member from this clip?

OINGO BOINGO in Back To School

Oingo Boingo in a movie that does NOT include Anthony Michael Hall!?!!? WHAAAT!!?!? We do however get the young Robert Downy Jr. connection. Who would have thought that Iron man would be 4th billed behind The bad guy from Karate Kid and whoever the asshole was that played Rodney Dangerfield’s son.


Sure sure, Jack Black is a big fat Panda, and a huge star all by his onesies, but one time, he and his brother, Kyle were in a movie call Bio Dome. Which upon re-watching is a total 90’s time capsule.

Awwww. Lookit these kids try and dance to the Bosstones.. How cute. sigh.


Flea and Anthony Kiedis in Point Break , Big Lebowski, The Terminator, The Chase, etc

Anthony and Flea have been in lots of movies. My personal fav is seeing Anthony get his foot shot off in Point Break in what I can only assume is punishment for the yet to be released One Hot Minute album. They were also in some shitty skateboard movie in the 80’s that I can’t remember at the moment, but I saw at my cousin Mike’s house once in the 80’s

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