McHuge Order: Georgia McDonald’s Employee Describes $7,000 Order

An employee for a McDonald’s in Perry, Georgia has gone viral after posting about an order that included 6,400 items.

On TikTok, Brittani Curtis showed huge boxes that contained 1,600 McChicken sandwiches, 1,600 McDoubles, and 3,200 cookies.

“No lie, ya girl is TIRED,” she wrote in the description of the video.

The grand total of the order was more than $7,000.

@brittanicurtis23 #greenscreenvideo no lie, ya girl is TIRED! #fyp #trending #foryou #mcdonalds ♬ son original – isaac.syl

Curtis admitted that she and her co-workers initially thought the enormous order was a joke.

But, turns out it wasn’t – the order was real and for a nearby prison.

If you had $7,000 to spend at McDonald’s, what would you get?

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