Russian slap champ KO’d

Forget arm wrestling. How about Russian Slapping. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Two opponents face off from across a table, exchanging slaps, until one either gives up or is knocked out. Champion Vasily Kamotskiy has held a brutal reign over the past year. That came to an abrupt end in a recent exhibition match. Kamotskiy went first, giving Vyacheslav Zezulya a moderate slap. The rookie, however, had other ideas – winding up and delivering a massive right hand – dropping the champ like a shattered light bulb before a gasping crowd. The champ would be helped back to his feet thanks to the ref and his opponent. Despite the loss, Kamotskiy still made $4,600.

It might be a good idea to learn this sport. The GOP seems to be handing us over to the Russians, so it’s a good idea to get steeped into their…err our national past times.

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