“Sextortion” Campaign Targets Google Nest Smart Camera Users

Security company Mimecast wants you to know about the latest email scam targeting smart camera users, like those who use Google’s Nest in their home. The scam, circulating through the U.S., tells smart camera users that if they don’t cough up around $450 in bitcoin or buy gift cards and give them the card’s pin, then “compromising footage” from their camera will be uploaded to porn sites. Mimecast told the Daily Mail that these creeps don’t actually have any compromising footage of you but are playing on your fears. Even people who don’t own a smart camera are getting these emails.

UPDATE: A representative from Google reached out to X96 with the following statement: “Any incident where someone is made to feel unsafe in their home is deeply unfortunate and something Nest works hard to prevent. That’s why privacy and security are the foundation of our mission.

Incidents like this campaign typically occur when a bad actor tries their luck with email addresses from databases of stolen information. Nest users who are contacted by these actors should not respond and we encourage them to contact Nest support if needed.

We offer several key protections to prevent the likelihood of hacks and keep our products secure. Two-factor authentication has already been enabled by millions of people. We also offer the option to migrate to a new Google Account. Privacy and security continue to be a focus for us, and we’ll continue to introduce features that prevent these incidents from happening.”

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