Ted Cruz Calls People who Leaked Wife’s Texts ‘A**holes’

Senator Ted Cruz says the people who revealed he’d taken a trip to Cancun while his state was being torn apart by a historic winter storm are “a**holes.”
Cruz’s comments came during an appearance on the “Ruthless” podcast, which came after leaked texts from his wife revealed they’d escaped Texas’ weather troubles by heading down to Mexico. “Look, I haven’t had this much negative press coverage since Northern California in the 1960s,” Cruz joked, referencing the Zodiac Killer stories that dominated the press in the late 1960s.

When asked about the friends who leaked Heidi Cruz’s texted invitations to join the couple in Cancun, Cruz said, “I will say Heidi is pretty pissed at that. Look, our neighbors, we got a number of Republicans who are neighbors but we also have a lot of Democrats, folks on our streets who put up Beto signs, which I thought was a little rude. But, y’know, I didn’t hold a victory party in their front yard when I won. Here’s a suggestion: Just don’t be a**holes.”

Were Ted and Heidi Cruz a**holes for bailing on Texas during an emergency?

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