There Is Still No Replacement for Daniel Craig’s James Bond

Even though there have been many rumors, ‘James Bond’ producers have confirmed that they still have not found a replacement for Daniel Craig.

There have been rumors that actor Tom Hardy would be taking on the iconic role, but producers have quashed ALL speculation. ‘Bond’ producer Barbara Broccoli says that it’s all about timing. “I always say: you can only be in love with one person at a time. Once the film’s come out, then some time will pass, and then we’ll have to get on to the business of the future,” she says. “But for now, we just cannot think about anything beyond Daniel,” she continues speaking of our current Bond.

As far as a new Bond, things will have to be changed up. Broccoli says, “It will have to be reimagined, in the way each actor has reimagined the role. That’s what is so exciting and fun about this franchise; the character evolves. Eventually, when we have to think about it, we’ll find the right person.”

The 25th film in the Bond series-and Craig’s last- No Time to Die is expected in theaters in April.

Who do you think should be the next James Bond? Who is your favorite actor to play the character?

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