There’s Now An “Elf” Drinking Game

Nothing says celebrating the holidays with friends (or family) like taking part in a good old fashion drinking game. And what better movie to center such festivities around then the modern day classic Elf. Delish has made this easy for you, setting out pretty simple rules: grab a bottle of your best holiday cheer, or a two-liter of Coca-Cola if you really want to be authentic, and start watching.

You’ll take a sip whenever Buddy screams “Santa” or “elf,” every time he seems mesmerized by something ordinary, and when he embarrasses his dad. Be prepared to finish your drink at each montage, when maple syrup is shown, and of course, when Buddy chugs the soda bottle. Shots will be necessary when Mr. Narwhal makes an appearance and “The Spirit of Christmas” is mentioned.

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