Trailer: Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken

Remember the movie about the guy who ate McDonald’s for a month and it made him a chubber and pretty unhealthy? It was called Super Size Me and it made Morgan Spurlock a star. Since then he’s created a Showtime series about the 7 deadly sins, a film about male grooming, a documentary about branding, he had a very odd, little podcast about topical events, and quite a few other projects. They say you can never go home again and he almost didn’t.

According to Delish, Mr. Spurlock admitted to sexual misconduct including rape. Yikes! That killed his deal with YouTube to distribute the sequel to the one that put him on the map, but it seems Samuel Goldwyn Films had picked up the film about the “most eaten animal on the planet” and plans to release it on September 13th.

Admittingly and I imagine this went for quite a few of you too, Super Size Me did ruin those late-night runs for a quick combo meal for a while. I wonder if this will do the same for the most eaten food in my apartment? I am sure it will for a couple of weeks.

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