Which Sitcom Character Would Do The Worst Job Handling The Pandemic?


Most of us got through the pandemic by binge-watching TV shows – so it makes sense to wonder how TV characters would have handled the same situation.

The folks at Buzzfeed decided to rank 38 sitcom characters by how well – or poorly – they would handle the pandemic.

At the top of the list? The Office’s Michael Scott – Buzzfeed believes “The pandemic would break him psychologically months before there was even a lockdown.” Niles from Frasier, Jenna from 30 Rock, and Schmidt from New Girl would also fair poorly.

So who would do the best? – Scott’s Office-mate Dwight Schrute “has been preparing for this his whole life”, they say. Others well-equipped to handle things include Phoebe from Friends and Rosa from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Which TV character do you think would handle the pandemic well?

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