‘Wish It Was Tahiti’: Woman Wins Trip To New Hampshire On ‘The Price Is Right’


The New York Post probably summed it up best – the price was right, but the prize was just a little too close to home.

A Boston, Massachusetts woman won a vacation on the February 1 episode of “The Price Is Right,” a five-day trip to neighboring New Hampshire.

To cash in on the prize though, she’ll have to fly from Boston back to L.A. where the game show is taped. Then, turn around and fly all the way back across the country to New Hampshire for the five-night hotel stay she won.

The hotel is literally an hour from her house.

Catherine Graham said she was still ecstatic to win anything, but joked “I just wish it was Tahiti or someplace, or Bora Bora. A cruise around the world maybe.”

Have you ever won a prize or been given a gift that – well – didn’t exactly live up to what you thought it would be?

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