Woman Swallows AirPod Instead Of Medicine, Records Audio From Stomach

Yikes. A TikTok user says she mistook one of her AirPods for Ibuprofen and accidentally swallowed it.

@iamcarliiib explained she was crawling into bed with an Ibuprofen in one hand and one of her AirPods in the other.

She then popped what she thought was the pill in her mouth, took a sip of water, and swallowed it before quickly realizing it wasn’t the meds.

She tried “puking it back up,” but it wouldn’t come out.


For ✨educational✨ purposes heres what happened when I mixed up my #airpod and an ibuprofen. Here to share awareness #LevisMusicProject #fyp

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

@iamcarliiib told her followers she had an x-ray to confirm it — and the AirPod did eventually come out through the “normal” course of events.

She also revealed that the swallowed AirPod was still connected to her iPhone and sent a voice memo to a friend that included gurgling sounds recorded in her stomach.

Have you accidentally had something to eat or drink that you quickly realized was not what you thought it was?

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