X96 Live and Local Spotlight: Mojave Nomads



x96_LiveAndLocal_StrokeIn this, our second, featured Live and Local Spotlight artist is a band that X96 was not yet familiar with, but when we heard their music we had to have them in and meet the guys making it.

Mojave Nomads are based in Ogden, though formed in Roy if you want to be specific about it, meeting at Roy High and through mutual friends. Their musical influences range from old blues masters such as Robert Johnson up to Led Zeppelin and through The Black Keys. Though they mentioned incorporating more keys into their newer and futures songs the core of this band is really sound and we were excited to have them in and play for us at 50 West Club and Café.

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Check out these songs and support them on social media. If you like what you hear, you can see them perform live on March 7th at The Loading Dock.

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If your band or a band you know would like to be featured on Live and Local Spotlight you can get the details on how to nominate yourself here and check out previous months’ artists here.

Thank you for supporting Utah music.

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