X96 Live & Local Spotlight: Year in Review 2015


Thank you…

This first year of the X96 Live and Local Spotlight was great, short, but great. We had the idea to start really highlighting local artist early in the year and started in February. 12 months, 12 bands…well this year it’s 12 months 10 bands, but we’re slow learners. Before we closed out 2015 we wanted to highlight our first batch of X96 Live and Local Spotlight artists and thank them as we move into 2016 and look for another year’s worth of local musicians to shine our spotlight on.

One last thing before we get into it: if you want to be considered for 2016 email your best song and a band photo (preferably one you have rights to, so we can use it on our site) with a band bio to (click on the band link to see their full Live and Local Spotlight pages with performances and interviews):

[email protected]

And now, enjoy our favorite Live and Local Spotlight performances from 2015:

February | King Niko

[ooyala code=”IwOWg1czrgQj5AJCcAcTV70HYYlcJZUM” player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

March |Mojave Nomads

[ooyala code=”t0NzFtczpD-GVGax_dwTXZn03edYNL9I” player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

April | Zodiac Empire

[ooyala code=”UxMnZhdDqTkmy2oETxtWsCp_in-L64AO” player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

May | The Statuettes

[ooyala code=”B1Y213dDrdQ9XzLaFN0aQ2P94fJVar6z” player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

June | Big Wild Wings

[ooyala code=”poNjJndTqS2Cyx8KvdZhN0MTFEUU68D1″ player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

July | Folk Hogan

[ooyala code=”t0aGt4dTqHUQ3ACWi2Bmw1WJwiy6DyV7″ player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

August | MiNX

[ooyala code=”gwYWVvdjrYCWFZ1k3_KyJU2RR-tsHLhw” player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

September | Pigeon

[ooyala code=”pkZW1hdzr1OV0eNnb6jpNUeqZDaFsH0-” player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

October | Katia Racine

[ooyala code=”0zaXR4dzov89DztNuj7mTUJTF9sa2RcV” player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

November | Brogan Kelby

[ooyala code=”FqeGdteDpMcyCzNihJM4rdEpcG-sl4D0″ player_id=”842ec235180b465b8489d0ec67fa9d23″]

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