Yes, ‘National No Mask Day’ Is a Thing

Just because it’s 2020 and things have been so topsy turvy there’s now a new holiday that many say they’ll celebrate and that holiday is called National “No Mask Day” according to

Seriously, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, on June 20th people will celebrate by not wearing a mask in places that require people to wear a mask.

Despite the CDC stating that wearing a mask can help curb your chances of catching coronavirus, the day is being advertised as being held in “every store, every town, and everywhere USA.”

Please don’t do this. Wearing a mask isn’t being oppressed. It’s keeping you, your loved ones, and those around you safe. It’s a prevention measure. This isn’t “taxation without representation.” If you want to know about that ask the citizens of Washington D.C. or Puerto Rio. Otherwise, be cool. Get a cool mask. Wear it. It’s cool and you’ll learn the art of communication through your eyes. Sexy!

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