12 Celebutard News Stories, Novemeber 6th, 2014

1.Artie Lange — BANNED at ESPN After Slavery Sex Tweets

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Photo Courtesy by jon jablonsky

Artie Lange is persona non grata at ESPN after tweeting a slew of sexual and racially charged jokes about a female African-American ESPN host …

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2.Minnie Driver joins ‘Peter Pan Live!’ cast

Minnie Driver 106.jpeg

Photo Courtesy by Marco Manna

Minnie Driver is joining the cast of NBC’s “Peter Pan Live!”

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3.Kyle Richards — Daughter Viciously Attacked By Kim Richards’ Pit Bull


Photo Courtesy by Beverly

Kyle Richards’ daughter was the victim of a vicious pit bull attack … a dog owned by Kyle’s own sister Kim, and the damage was so severe it required multiple surgeries.

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4.Suge Knight Surrenders on Robbery Charges to Sympathetic Judge

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Photo Courtesy by Paul Reynolds

Suge Knight was just taken into custody for allegedly robbing a photo in Beverly Hills, but the judge was extremely sympathetic, saying he clearly understands why a celeb would be driven to extremes when the paparazzi shoot their young children.

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5.Amanda Bynes — Parents to Surrender Conservatorship

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Photo Courtesy by Alessandro Lemos

The parents of Amanda Bynes are throwing in the towel … they’ll file legal docs in the next few days handing over the conservatorship of their daughter to someone else, and then they’re moving to Texas …

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6.Channing Tatum: I experimented with drugs during stripper days


Photo Courtesy by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Channing Tatum admits to a period of drug experimentation back in his stripper days.

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7.CMA Awards Winners List Includes Miranda Lambert And Florida Georgia Line

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Photo Courtesy by Melanie

It was a night to remember in Nashville as country’s biggest stars took to the stage at the Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday.

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8.Robert Downey Jr. Welcomes Daughter Afajoejoaifjoejaeovieofijroel


Photo Courtesy by Justin Brown

Why do they name their children after outlaws and gypsies and moons? Because they are insane people who cannot be reasoned with to make good decisions for their offspring.

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9.Will Ferrell — Take My Elf-ing Pic Off Your Gun Ad

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Photo Courtesy by Peter Kudlacz

‘Twas the month of November … long before Christmas begun — yet a company launched an ad of Will Ferrell … pushing a deal on a gun.

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10.Twitter reacts to Benedict Cumberbatch’s engagement


Photo Courtesy by Rev Stan
News of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s engagement to actress and director Sophie Hunter came out this morning in the very old-school form of a small, tasteful announcement in the UK’s Times.

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11. ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star — Bad Credit Triggered Assault


Photo Courtesy by Gee Jay

Yung Berg flew into a drunken rage thGee Jayat ended with his GF allegedly getting choked … all because his credit card was declined.

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12. Drake Is the Taylor Swift of Rap


Photo Courtesy by Brennan Schnell

For most rappers these days, this is where the process ends. A track goes on Soundcloud or YouTube and that more or less becomes its permanent home.But Drake isn’t most rappers, and in 2014 he has proven himself to be in a class of his own. One of those three tracks he released to his Soundcloud is called “How Bout Now.”

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