5 Bastille Songs You Need To Know


The Nightmare Before X-Mas show is fast approaching!

This next Monday (December 7) Bastille will be performing at The Complex. This is a show you will not want to miss out on. To help you better prepare for Monday’s show, we have crafted a list of our favorite Bastille songs you need to know. You can still buy tickets here.

Whether you’re a newbie to Bastille or a hardcore fan, these are some must-know tunes from the band’s catalog:


Flaws implores more of a bright, synth-driven sound that soars through the whole song. This was Bastille’s first single, originally debuted in 2011 but then re-released in 2012 with the full album, Bad Blood.


You have to give a lot of credit to Bastille’s drummer/percussionist, Chris Wood. Without him, much of these songs wouldn’t be half as infectious. “Icarus” is no exception.  Also, here is another example of Bastille using choir and strings to heighten emotions and tone as a way of musical storytelling and they pull it off effortlessly. Icarus is an excellent example of fun, fast-paced alt-pop.

“Weight Of Living Pt. 1”

“Weight of Living Pt. 1” or also titled “Albatross” was a bonus track off of Bad Blood. But it was also added to the extended release All This Bad Blood. There is a peaceful easy tone of this song that uplifts and reminds one to shake off the heavy “Weight of Living” as the lyrics suggest. This track is alos one of the best showcases of Dan Smith’s vocal prowess.

“Things We Lost In The Fire”

Lyrically, this could describe the aftermath of the destruction of Pompeii. Or if you want to be more vague, this could be used to described the aftermath of any tragic incident. Bastille has a particular talent for making the gloomy things of life sound life-affirming and bright. Musically, this songs is supported by strong percussion assisted by keys and strings. A slow intro with Smith’s crooning vocals turn into a rock-steady indie-pop jam.


“Pompeii” was the song that jettisoned Bastille into the mainstream and helped them build a major fanbase here in the states. Their most commercially successful single to date. Here’s a little history lesson for you, Pompeii is actually an ancient Roman city found near the what is now the modern Italian city, Naples. Pompeii met its demise in 79 AD due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which is what the lyrics of this song depict. This song is basically an optimistic outlook on destruction and death.

We also suggest you check out the local openers, Brogan Kelby and RKDN below.

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