JON LIKES BAD MOVIES! Today it’s all YOUNG GUNS 2! The Greatest Western Ever Made

This is the day that I question the name of this feature…

I mean, TERRIBLE?  No WAY does this movie fit in that category.. But still, here we are.  This is the column where I review bad movies from my childhood recapping them using only memory. Which really is not a problem since I’ve seen them about 300 times each. I watched way too much TV as a kid..

Today we’re talking YOUNG GUNS 2



! Let’s be honest, Emilio Estavez _IS_ Billy The Kid, right? Picture Billy The Kid in your brain. I’m 99% sure that Coach Bombay is the first thing you came up with.
YG2 starts in the 1940s. Where an old dude named “Bushy Bill Roberts” is asking for a lawyers help to be pardoned for the killing of 21 men. Fun fact, this was based on a real dude who claimed he was the real Billy The Kid, but was never able to prove it.

The story goes back to Billy rounding up his old gang of “Regulators” to go down to Mexico for some reason. I don’t really remember why. Jack Bauer gets involved, as does Jose Chavez E. Chavez. We also get new members Arkansas Dave played by Christian Slater, and Henry William French, who I think was played by Cameron from Ferris Bueller. I might be wrong on that.   Oh dude, and there’s a wicked BON JOVI soudtrack!!

They ride some horses, and shoot some things. Slater stabs Jose Chavez in the arm, and then Pat Garret gets all up in the business and captures The Kid. Who gets out, and says “I’ll make you famous!” which was the catchphrase in all the trailers.
You see a lady butt, and Emilio spits on a dude’s hat. Then spoiler alert, they all die. It’s like a western verson of Infinity War.
This movie rules though, you should totally pick it up.

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