Beastie Boys Reveal They Were Broke After ‘Licensed To Ill’

Beastie Boys

A Beastie Boys’ memoir is coming to a bookstore near you this month, the remaining members of the group, Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, interviewed with The Guardian and revealed that after their debut album “Licensed To Ill” the group was broke. After the 1986 album, the guys had stopped talking to each other and it was Russell Simmons who used the money as a carrot which he dangled in front of them to get them to make a follow-up album.

“Russell was like, if you don’t go in the studio, then I’m not paying you,” Diamond said. “His calculation was that we would all be like, ‘Oh we want our millions. OK, Russell, we’re going to do it.’ But we were all immediately, ‘F*** you.’” Fortunately, everything worked out and the guys got their money and a second album, Paul’s Boutique. The book took Mike and Ad four years to complete and starts pre-1981 and is packed with photographs, diagrams, maps, cartoons, recipes, and music lists. Get Beastie Boys Book starting October 30th.

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