BLINK 182 Announce residency shows in LAS VEGAS!

It will probably be bigger than Celine Dion!

Since Las Vegas has been a thing, it was “THE thing” to have a residency in Vegas.  This is, of course, IF you were a band with any sort of following.. You had a set of artists that set up shop in Vegas and would play there every weekend, if not every night.  In the 60’s it was the Rat Pack.   Sinatra, Dean, and Sammy at the Flamingo, or The Sands.  You had ELVIS!  at the Las Vegas Hilton in the 70’s and so on and so on.  Lately, the residency names have been the likes of Britney Spears and Celine Dion, which for my money I would rather they take up a residency under a moving bus…  But that’s just me.

But NOW, we have some good news!  BLINK 182 has announced “The Kings Of Weekend” show at The Palms! just off the Strip.  This is the same Hotel where DJAM set up shop with Travis Barker in the early 2000s and they even dimmed the A and the M in their logo upon AM’s passing.  Blink will play for 16 weeks starting in late may, and wrapping November.

“When the Palms asked us to do a residency here in Vegas, we said ‘Absolutely!’,” said Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus in a statement. “Now, we just have to cast our showgirls, create our set list – a true throwback of Vegas classics with Sinatra, Liberace. Maybe we can even marry someone onstage … The possibilities in Vegas are endless.”

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