Celebutard News – April 29, 2015

This ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Cast Reunion Is What Dreams Are Made Of

If you believe they’ve got a picture perfect plan, you’re absolutely right. Lizzie McGuire, Miranda Sanchez and Matt McGuire (aka Hilary Duff, Lalaine and Jake Thomas) had a mini “Lizzie McGuire” cast reunion on Monday night, and all the magic was captured on Instagram:

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Miss Piggy wins Brooklyn Museum award for outstanding women

A prestigious award from the Brooklyn Museum honors women who have made outstanding contributions in their fields. This year’s surprise honoree is…Miss Piggy.

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Courteney Cox Hints David Schwimmer Is The One Stopping A ‘Friends’ Reunion From Happening

It’s been 11 years since “Friends” ended and fans have yet to get a full cast reunion. Who is responsible for causing such unforgivable heartbreak? Ross, of course. During an interview with Yahoo, Courteney Cox was asked about the possibility of a “Friends” reunion. The actress said that the entire cast hasn’t been in the same room together since the show ended in 2004.

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Joe Manganiello is getting rid of his bachelor pad

Dreamboat Joe Manganiello played everyone’s favorite werewolf, Alcide Herveaux, on HBO’s “True Blood.” Now, he’s put his howl-worthy Mid-Century Modern home up for sale in Hollywood, Calif.

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Former ‘Partridge Family’ star Suzanne Crough dead at 52

Suzanne Crough, who played the youngest member of “The Partridge Family” on the popular television show, has died.

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Pam Anderson, Rick Salomon Divorce Settles

Pam Anderson is a million dollars richer today, and Rick Salomon is a lot happier … because we’ve learned they got divorced.

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Rob Dyrdek proposes to girlfriend at ‘Aladdin’

Rob Dyrdek had all three of his wishes granted during a performance of “Aladdin” at Disneyland over the weekend. The 40-year-old MTV star, who’s known for his daring skateboard stunts, put up a play-by-play to Instagram so his fans could see how he proposed to his girlfriend and former Playboy playmate Bryiana Noelle Flores on Saturday.

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Walter Cronkite’s grandson commits suicide at 22

Late CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite’s grandson took his own life this past weekend, just days before he was set to graduate from college.

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Cops find Elton John’s stolen heart-shaped glasses

Elton John‘s heart-shaped glasses have been recovered after they were stolen from a museum, and Memphis police say a man accused of taking them is being sought.

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The Most-Watched Netflix Show May Surprise You

While Netflix may never release their ratings, we finally have an idea of what original shows their subscribers are watching. Thanks to data acquired by San Diego-based firm Luth Research, Variety reveals some current viewership results that may surprise you. According to their analysis, “Daredevil” was watched by more subscribers on its first day of release than “House of Cards” Season 3, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Marco Polo” and “Bloodline” were on their release days.

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Zac Efron’s About a Quart Low

Zac Efron and Robert De Niro are getting close … very close … while shooting “Dirty Grandpa” down in Georgia. It’s a dirty job, butt …

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My Tinder Profile is Legit! I’ve Got 9 Guys Lined Up

Hilary Duff is a right-swiping fool … and is not only confirming that rumored Tinder profile really IS her — but says she’s going on her first Tinder date tonight … with a regular ole non-celeb dude! Hilary dropped her dating bombshell Tuesday morning with “Valentine in the Morning” on 104.3 FM in L.A. — and opened up about what she’s looking for on Tinder. Hint: shirtless muscle heads need not apply.

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Rosie O’Donnell Wife Doesn’t Really Want Custody …

Round’s attorney William London tells TMZ that his client is only seeking full custody in the best interest of their daughter, it has nothing to do with money.

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Scarlett Johansson: My family relied on assisted lunch programs

Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t the only celebrity focused on raising hunger awareness in America.

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Sam Smith suffers vocal cord hemorrhage

British singer Sam Smith said Tuesday he has canceled the remainder of his Australian tour due to a hemorrhage on his vocal cords.

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‘Louie Louie’ Lead Singer Dies — Dead at 71

Jack Ely, the lead singer of the group the Kingsmen which recorded the hit “Louie Louie” — a song that prompted an FBI investigation — has died.

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Brian Williams won’t go down without a fight.

This time, Brian Williams may not be exaggerating. Talks between the exiled anchor and NBCUniversal have recently become tense — with the 55-year-old newsman saying he will not have his “NBC Nightly News” job taken away without a battle, The Post has learned.

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‘Full recovery expected’ for Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is not in a coma, despite reports to the contrary Tuesday. “Contrary to rumors circulating on the Internet today, Joni is not in a coma. Joni is still in the hospital – but she comprehends, she’s alert, and she has her full senses,” read a statement on her official website Tuesday night. “A full recovery is expected.”

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Joni Mitchell In a Coma, Unresponsive

Joni Mitchell is unconscious in a hospital, unable to respond to anyone, with no immediate prospects for getting better.

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Alice Eve calls Bruce Jenner’s transition ‘playing at being a woman’

“Nope,” the “Star Trek” actress, 33, wrote on Instagram (according to The Daily Mail) after Jenner, 65, revealed his identity as a transgender woman to Diane Sawyer in an interview that aired Friday. “If you were a woman no one would have heard of you because women can’t compete in the decathlon. You wouldn’t be a hero. You would be a frustrated young athlete who wasn’t given a chance.”

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