Dallon Weekes was ROBBED in Hollywood! Over $10k In Gear Stolen From His Hotel Room!

Bad luck this week for our pal, Dallon Weekes

Dallon’s new band, “I Don’t Know How But The Found Me” was performing in Hollywood, and TMZ reports that, while at an afterparty across the street from their hotel, someone forced their way into Dallon’s hotel room and made off with over $10,000 worth of equipment. The worst part however, is that according to Dallon, some of iDKHOW’s new music was saved on a laptop that was also taken from his room. Which means a major setback for a scheduled release of new music.

Also taken was Dallon’s 1981 Fender P Bass, and his passport. All of this combined means we may also see a delay in a scheduled tour. The good news is the Dream Hotel has surveillance footage of the bad guy, and there may be some witnesses from another band filming a music video down the hall.

Weekes says he just wants the band’s stuff back, and is not planning on pressing charges. Which, knowing Dallon does not suprise me. He’s the nicest cat ever.
Hope you get your gear back, dude. MUCH LOVE!

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