Dave Grohl and Zakk Wylde laughed off 2001 spat

Photo: Corey O'Brien

Back in 2001, Dave Grohl wrote a song for Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy’s guitarist, Zakk Wylde, was not a fan.

Not a fan, meaning he said, “If I ever run into Dave Grohl, I’m gonna kick his f***in’ ass, because I think he sucks, and he wrote this cheese-d**k song for Ozzy that I have to f***in’ play on, and I’ll never forgive him for that …”

Talking with Classic Rock Magazine, Wylde said that he made his remarks before he met Grohl.

“We had a chuckle about it after I met him,” said Wylde. “I got up and jammed at his birthday a couple of years ago. Dave’s an amazing musician and a sweetheart. I love him.”

Have you ever become friends with someone you initially did not like? Should Dave and Zakk record an album together?

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