Disturbed Getting Aggressive

Photo: Warner Bros. Records

David Draiman says Disturbed wants to be more aggressive on their next record.

In a new interview, the singer discussed writing their upcoming album and explained, “We were on fire. [We came up with] six new song ideas, [and we have] two in our back pocket, and more potentially being worked on this upcoming weekend. We’re very, very excited. The material is somewhere between ‘The Sickness’ and ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ as far as where I would identify it as sonically. It’s rhythmic, it’s pummeling, it’s anthemic, it’s polysyncopated. It’s meat-and-potatoes Disturbed.”

He went on to say, “It’s a different sort of itch you’re scratching. You can have the satisfaction that comes with, let’s say, playing with your children peacefully somewhere and you can have a different sort of satisfaction in engaging in full-contact football with your buddies. It’s just a different feel. They’re both equally as gratifying but sometimes you just get a little taste more for one than the other. And right now we’ve got our teeth dug in to that style. We were dying to do the more aggressive stuff. We wanted to go back home. We wanted to go back to the ‘groove so hard that you can’t stop bobbing your head’ kind of stuff. So, we’re there, and we’re loving it.”

What would you consider “aggressive” music? What music calms you?

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