Don’t Say Elvis Costello Is Struggling With Cancer, He’ll Punch You

Elvis Costello is really sore about people saying he had cancer, or he’s in remission from cancer. So much so that he claims he’ll “punch the next person” who says he’s struggling from the disease. “I’m not in remission because I didn’t have cancer. How could I be in remission?”, the singer tells The Daily Beast. Costello instead wants writers to get the terminology straight “out of respect to my friends who recently have lost that particular fight, and to those that continue to have it.” He prefers seeing the words, “was relieved of something that may have caused cancer.” Blaming the British tabloids for blowing news of his health out of proportion, Costello threatens future journalists saying, “I’ll punch the next person that puts ‘He struggles with cancer'” in a headline or story.

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