Dunkin’ Claims it Didn’t Rip off blink-182

When Dunkin’ decided to show off their fall menu last August with the slogan “all the Fall things”, blink-182 fans were quick to compare the donut chain’s words to blink-182’s hit “All The Small Things”. Even the band responded to the comparison on Instagram, writing “We see you, Dunkin’.”

I guess Dunkin’ is trying to avoid a lawsuit because the chain’s VP told Alternative Press that the company’s attempt to “showcase the breadth of Fall deliciousness…wasn’t inspired by blink-182’s song.”

Dunkin’s VP did say, however, “We are honored with the positive response by the band and their fans and encourage them to enjoy a Signature Pumpkin Spice Latte when they can.” Classy.

Do you think Dunkin’s marketing department was subconsciously inspired by blink-182? Can you name any other bands or song lyrics that could be associated with Fall?

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