Geek News on the Radio April 2nd

James Gunn Horror Script ‘The Belco Experiment’ Moving Forward with ‘Wolf Creek’ Director

Writer/director James Gunn is now a household name among movie geeks thanks to Marvel Studios ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Truth is, for years now the filmmaker has been honing his quirky, offbeat craft – with indie projects such as the horror/comedy Slither and Kick-Ass style comedy Super in the 2000s. Gunn is really something of a specialist in the art of blending horror with odd comedy, as he did with his screenplay for the Zack Snyder-helmed Dawn of the Dead remake in 2004.

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‘Star Trek 3′: Simon Pegg Shoots Down Idris Elba Klingon Rumors

Last week brought a major rumor that Idris Elba would be playing a Klingon villain in Star Trek 3. So inevitably, this week brings a stringent denial of said rumor. Star Trek 3 star and writer Simon Pegg says in no uncertain terms that the talk isn’t true — the Klingon part of it, anyway. The Idris Elba part might still be.

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Alien Nation is getting a remake. Again.

Here we go again.

In 1988 Rockne O’Bannon and Graham Baker unleashed an unexpected movie that combined alien sci-fi with the buddy-cop genre. The result was the cult hit Alien Nation. And while the movie itself wasn’t exactly a worldwide hit at the time, it spawned a TV series. Every so often, someone tries to bring it back again.

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Adam West and Burt Ward team up for new ‘Batman’ animated film

The original Batman and Robin will team up once more for an animated film featuring the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder.

Actors Adam West and Burt Ward — who played the dynamic duo in the campy ’60s TV series “Batman” — announced on a panel this week at the North Carolina fan convention Mad Monster Party that they would be lending their voices to the cartoon.

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The ‘Flash’/’Arrow’ Spinoff: Everything We Know So Far

The as-yet-unnamed Flash/Arrow spinoff — which Greg Berlanti said “Honors all of the great team-up movies, whether it’s Ocean’s Eleven or whether it’s the superhero books” — has been alternately baffling and delighting fans with the seemingly random casting decisions slowly being released.

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