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Geek News on the Radio for November 8th, 2021

‘Eternals’ was a failure for only making $71 million

Marvel’s new movie promised to do something slightly different this time, which is being considered a failure by some critics.

via Cosmic Book News

‘Eternals’ isn’t being released for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain & Oman

Likely because of a same-sex couple in the movie, Disney has opted not to bring the movie to the region.

via Deadline

Disney+ is releasing extra versions of Marvel movies for your home IMAX theater

If you have the money to have your own personal IMAX theater at home, you can now enjoy some movies with a fitting aspect ratio.

via The Verge

Fans are begging producers not to cast James Corden in ‘Wicked’

There’s a petition being signed by fans with the sole purpose of preventing the host of The Late Late Show from being cast in ‘Wicked.’

via The Hollywood Reporter

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