Geek News on the Radio for October 31st, 2016

James Gunn has already directed Stan Lee’s next few Marvel cameos

At the risk of bumming everybody out, we must acknowledge the fact that iconic comic book creator Stan Lee is a very old man. That means there’s a significant chance he could someday suffer the same fate that has befallen almost every other old man in the history of the human race—by which we mean death. Marvel seems acutely aware of this fact, as it’s already planning ahead for the inevitable day that Stan Lee unable to film his requisite self-referential cameo in a superhero movie. No, Marvel’s not creating some kind of Ben Reily/Laura Kinney/Madelyne Pryor-esque clone of Stan Lee, but it is filming a bunch of his cameos ahead of time.

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Doug Liman Says ‘Edge of Tomorrow 2’ Is “A Sequel That’s a Prequel”

Tom Cruise is a consistently reliable performer, and the prospect of the actor teaming up with Emily Blunt and filmmaker Doug Liman on a sci-fi film was certainly promising, but Edge of Tomorrow was that rare film that exceeded expectations. The time travel twisting made the narrative compelling, Cruise playing a coward was a terrific subversion of expectations, and Blunt’s character having a full, deep arc was tremendously fulfilling. Moreover, Liman crafted some fantastic-looking sci-fi action, and somehow found a way to keep the film feeling fresh even though it kept showing the audience the same events over and over again.

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Japanese Kong: Skull Island Teaser Hits

A Japanese Kong: Skull Island teaser has arrived and can be watched in the player below! If you missed it, you can still watch the Kong: Skull Island Comic-Con trailer by clicking here. A trip back to the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes, the new film will follow a team of explorers (led by a character played by Tom Hiddleston), who venture deep inside the treacherous, primordial island to find the leader’s brother and a mythical serum, confronting extraordinary creatures along the way.

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It’s been an exhilarating, action-packed ride watching Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage clean up the mean streets of New York City. But their Netflix shows haven’t exactly been brief, and they’re often exhausting.

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Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh Rev ‘Mortal Engines’; Directing Debut For ‘Hobbit’ VFX Protege Christian Rivers

After years of developing the Philip Reeve book series Mortal Engines, Peter Jacksonand Fran Walsh have set the project at MRC and Universal, with their Hobbit VFX protege Christian Rivers making his feature directorial debut. Production will begin next spring in New Zealand. MRC and Universal will co-finance what they hope will spark another potential franchise for Jackson and Walsh, who adapted the script with Philippa Boyens, their writing partner on both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbittrilogies. Scholastic published the first book in 2001 and four followed in the sci-fi fantasy series.

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‘Supergirl’ Won’t Merge Into ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash Universe

Supergirl and The Flash got to have their crossover cake and eat it with Barry speeding over from The CW universe to CBS, even before Season 2 moved to the former. Many thought perhaps Kara’s Supergirl universe might end up folded into the “Arrow-verse” to facilitate easier crossovers, but producers now confirm the Girl of Steel will keep her separate Earth.

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Marvel Studios Chief Hints at Post-Steve Rogers Future for Captain America

For comic book fans, the passing of the torch from Steve Rogers to a new Captain America is nothing new — after all, there have been nine different Captains by this point — but this particular tradition might be headed towards Marvel’s movies, if an interview with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is any indication.

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‘Rambo’ Reboot in the Works With ‘Criminal’ Director

One-man army John Rambo is poised for a return to the big screen. Nu Image/Millennium Films is plotting a reboot of the classic 1980s action franchise that starred Sylvester Stallone, tapping Brooks McLaren to pen the script and Ariel Vromen to direct the feature.

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