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Geek News on the Radio for September 17th, 2018

Get A Load Of Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker In First-Look Pic And Footage

Joaquin Phoenix looks ready for a life of crime. Director Todd Phillips posted a first look of the actor as The Joker in his untitled origins movie on Sunday ― perhaps before the villain’s makeup transformation into Batman’s nemesis, Variety reported. “Arthur,” reads the caption, giving credence to earlier reports that the character’s real name would be Arthur Fleck.

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I really like the Marvel character Ghost Rider, unfortunately, the two films that have been made starring Nicolas Cage, haven’t been that great. I thought the sequel, Spirit of Vengeance, was the better of the two. I enjoyed the insanity of it but it still wasn’t a great or successful movie. Cage believes that had the films been rated R they would would have been a lot more successful. He even says that if that made an R-rated Ghost Rider film today, he’s confident that it would be a huge success.

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Venom is officially rated PG-13, despite R-rated expectations

Although many fans had been hoping for an R-rated Venom film, Sony’s official page for the upcoming Venom confirms that the movie is rated PG-13. The managing editor of Fandango tweeted that the reason could be that Sony is still hoping Venom and Spider-Man might be able to square off at some point in the future — a scenario that would be more challenging, if not impossible, if Venom were released with an R rating.

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Kate Beckinsale Won’t Be Making Any More ‘Underworld’ Sequels

After five movies, Kate Beckinsale is saying goodbye to Underworld franchise. The 45-year-old actress recently revealed that she doesn’t plan on making any more of the hugely popular vampire movies. “I wouldn’t return. I’ve done plenty of those,” Kate told Variety. This means that Kate will be hanging up her Death Dealer coat for good after 15 years.

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SpaceX to Unveil 1st Passenger for Private BFR Moon Trip Tonight! How to Watch.

It’s going to be a big night for space tourism. The private spaceflight company SpaceX will reveal its first passenger for a trip around the moon on the company’s massive BFR rocket and you can watch it all live online. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has even dropped tantalizing previews of the BFR’s new rocket design on Twitter. SpaceX will unveil its BFR rocket passenger (the name stands for Big Falcon Rocket) in a webcast tonight (Sept. 17) at its Hawthorne, California headquarters. You can watch it live here, courtesy of SpaceX, beginning at 9 p.m. EDT (0100 Sept. 18 GMT).

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