Geek News on the Radio June 15th

TCM to interrupt its scheduled programming for a Christopher Lee marathon

Christopher Lee is gone, but not forgotten, not by us and not by TCM (Turner Classic Movies). The TV channel, which specializes in older films, is interrupting its schedule to present a Christopher Lee marathon on June 22.

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James Gunn Shares ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ Sequel Details on Periscope

In what could become a new trend for how celebrities interact with fans, “Guardians of the Galaxy” helmer James Gunn used the new social-media app Periscope to answer fans’ questions — including details on the upcoming sequel to the Marvel hit.

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What’s The Deal With Jerry Seinfeld Being Responsible For Hugh Jackman Stepping Away From Wolverine?

It looks as if Hugh Jackman has opened up on why he is only unleashing his claws as Wolverine one more time and it is actually because of Jerry Seinfeld of all people. Comic fans around the globe who can’t picture anyone else as their favorite X-Men might soon be angry at the comedian for unintentionally turning the star away from any future as Logan on the big screen.

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With Fan Support, Michael Dorn Hopes ‘Captain Worf’ Will Be ‘Star Trek’s’ Next Frontier

Actor Michael Dorn has put together a proposal to bring “Star Trek” — and Worf, the character he played in multiple films and TV series — back to television with both Roddenberry-esque traditions and a fresh twist on the premise. And in the grand tradition of the TV’s most enduring sci-fi property, “Trek” fans may hold the key to actually getting the show on the air.

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Lori Petty on Point Break remake: ‘That’s some stupid s–t right there’

The Point Break remake got its first trailer a few weeks ago, and people aren’t too excited. Especially Lori Petty, who played Johnny Utah’s (Keanu Reeves) love interest, Tyler, in Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 action film.

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