Have Another Drink with Jimmy the Wine Guy for July 23rd, 2020

Wine Academy of Utah



Celebrating Pioneer Day with

Pie and Beer / Whiskey / Wine day

  • Bill: Uplope ‘Experimental IPA’ 2020 paired with Peach Pie
  • Gina: Ransom Distillery ‘Whippersnapper’ Whiskey w/ Pecan Pie
  • Kerry: Conundrum Red w/ Blueberry Pie


Wine Academy of Utah events

Whiskey & History | SLC experience’s are BACK!

  • 90 minute walking and tasting tour
  • Social distancing, mask wearing, sani spray
  • Taste 5 local whiskies, walk 8 blocks, up to 6 ppl.


Find out more at The Wine Academy of Utah

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