Here Are 2018’s Best Selling Live Artists

Photo by Corey O'Brien

Did you see Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift or Elton John in concert recently? Congratulations. You helped put them at the top of the best-selling live artists list this year. According to figures released by StubHub, The Boss comes in at number 1 on the US list. Ed Sheeran places 4th in the States but is the international best-seller.

Elton scored third on both lists, visiting over 69 countries as part of his farewell tour. Drake and Migos’ tour (a show that canceled in Salt Lake date two or three times, but who’s counting) also placed domestically and internationally, coming in at sixth and seventh respectively.

2018’s 10 best-selling acts according to StubHub in the U.S.:

1.     Bruce Springsteen
2.     Taylor Swift
3.     Elton John
4.     Ed Sheeran
5.     Justin Timberlake
6.     Drake and Migos
7.     Eagles
8.     Bruno Mars
9.     P!NK
10.  Billy Joel

2018’s 10 best-selling acts according to StubHub, in international markets, outside of the U.S:

1.     Ed Sheeran
2.     BTS
3.     Elton John
4.     Foo Fighters
5.     Paul McCartney
6.     U2
7.     Drake and Migos
8.     Taylor Swift
9.     The Rolling Stones
10.   Eagles

Yup, just one alternative band repping – Foo Fighters! Go FOO!

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