Jack White Gifts Busker with New Guitar

The internet is a powerful thing. So powerful that it got the attention of Jack White, which lead to a street performer receiving a new guitar.

The busker, Matt Grant, had been on the street performing when an angry woman approached him and yelled at him for playing. She grabbed his guitar and smashed it. She was later arrested.

Grant set up a GoFundMe and gathered funds to replace his acoustic guitar, but Jack White wanted to throw in an extra instrument. On talking with White’s manager, Grant said, “I said I already had one now because I had been in and bought my new acoustic one and he said, ‘keep that one and get another one. Jack really wants to help.'”

Grant picked up a Fender Stratocaster guitar thanks to White’s donation.

Do you see any street performers around where you live? Have you seen Jack White perform?

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