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Wasting some company time?  Well TODA in the pile we have a 13 year old meeting the REAL Bart Simpson, Jean Claude was in Predator?  WHAT?  and What if Donald Trumps speeches were actually a shitty emo song from 2002.  It’s the Pile Of Internet!  Tell your friends.

13 Year Old Meets Bart Simpson
Meet James .  He is a 13-year-old selling some candy bars for a fundraiser.  His lofty goals of earning a limo ride for himself and his brother were helped by none other than Nancy Cartwright, the voive of Bart Simpson.   The best part is how long it took James to realize, even going so far sas to compliment Cartwright on her impression 🙂



The ORIGINAL Predator Movie almost had Jean Claude Van Damme in it!  (And almost sucked!)

Yeah there were two MAJOR changes made during the first few weeks of filming the now ICONIC Predator movie.  1:  The alien looked ridiculous, and 2 The alien was non other than JEAN CLAUDE MF-ING VAN DAAYYYUUUMN.  Thank the Time Cops that neither of these things ended up happening.



ALTERNATIVE FACT!  Donald Trump Is Actually In An Early 2000s Emo Band

His band ig gonna beee huuuuuuge.   Bigly hits.


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