Maynard Wants Bandmates to Finish Tool Album

It’s only been 13 years since the last Tool album

So…what’s a few more days? Frustrated frontman Maynard James Keenan has now taken to pleading with his bandmates to get their next one finished already. During Tool’s recent show at Somerset’s Northern Invasion, Keenan begged the band to hurry up because he’s worried that fans are “going to run out of f@#$ing patience.” Actually, it was quite poetic: “Well, I’ll tell you. I’m afraid of bananas, and other forms of fruit, because eventually you wonderful people are going to run out of fucking patience. So I beg you—Danny, Adam, and Justin, please finish your parts so I can finish mine, and take this fucking riot gear off.”

Previously Keenan had likened the time between the band’s fourth and fifth albums to that of Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy.”

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