My neighbors house burned down. You can help them!

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I went downstairs, plugged in the Christmas Tree, and grabbed a can of Diet Coke out of the fridge. As I was staring out the window, taking everything for granted, I heard the wail of a fire truck, followed by several other emergency vehicles screaming into my neighborhood. I looked to my right, and I could see the smoke. My neighbors house was on fire.  First thing that comes to mind of course is:


PHOTO CREDIT: Carrie Rogers

PHOTO CREDIT: Carrie Rogers

HOLY $#@* !

I ran upstairs and sure enough I could see huge flames pouring out of their roof sending acrid black smoke into the already grey sky. In the time it took me to get up the stairs, the Fire Department was already on scene, and doing their absolute best to save the family’s home and everything they owned inside. Luckily the Family of four (Mom, Dad, 4 year old boy, and 2 year old girl)  and their dog were able to get out safely, with an armload of possessions, and back one car out of the garage.


PHOTO CREDIT: Kathy Oliver

PHOTO CREDIT: Kathy Oliver

It’s a cliche, but that of course snapped me back to reality and reminded me of how lucky I am, and how bad it would suck to be in their shoes. I can’t even fathom standing in the street watching everything my family owns burning to the ground. Ultimately the Fire Department was able to contain the fire, but the house is completely gone. What would you grab if your home was on fire? I’m sure I’d try and save the computer with all the family photos on it. My battle flags from Iraq, and I’d need a few hours to rescue the GI Joe collection.



Jon has a problem

Seriously, it’s a problem…

You’ll see it on the news tonight, but I’m putting this out there anyway. These people are my neighbors, and they could use your help. Even if it’s just a little bit. If you are able to do anything at all, I’m sure the universe will pay you back somehow.


Go and donate here:


OR, if you would like to drop off something for the family, you can bring it by the radio station, I’ll make sure they get it. 50 W. Broadway, 2nd floor. SLC, UT 84101

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